Visit the Town of Bridges in Shanghai

The town with the oldest bridges in Shanghai is Jin Zhe on the border to Wujiang  

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Visit to Wuxi Lingshan – the big Buddha

A visit with Ling Li, Henry and Dan Li to Wuxi Lingshan

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the youngest garbage man…hihihihi

Henry on the job ! click here : 16032013

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Carnival in Ratingen – HELAU, HELAU, HELAU…

We joined the Carnival in Lintorf and the City Carnival in Ratingen

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New Year holiday in France

We all enjoyed the new year holiday in Marjanne’s house in France

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Shanghai International Lantern Festival

It will held from September 5 to October 14 in Luxun Park. This years  main attraction  display is a huge dragon assembled with porcelain cups, plates, bowls and spoons. It is about 200 meters long and […]

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Teddy bear assault !

Do you need a teddy bear ? Seen in Shanghai Jiuting on a hot summer night. You have to know that it is common in China that young boys will buy a teddy bear for […]

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May Holiday in Wuyuan County

Some people say it is the most beautiful countryside with it’s old villages and historical buildings, beautiful landscapes, tea farms and narrow village lanes. Wuyuan is in Jiangxi Province and a 4,5 hour drive from […]

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Guyi Garden in Jiading District

A really nice park in Shanghai / Jiading District. Go there on a sunday afternoon and you find yourself in the middle of chinese family life. Go to the nearby dumpling restaurants to enjoy the […]

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Eastern Holiday in Germany

Julian and Henry enjoying the Eastern holiday in the Japanese Garden

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